Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Audio Books On Android --- Thanks Librivox!

In my previous article , I alluded to an Audio Books application forAndroid. I did not go into much detail on the application itselfbecause I felt it deserved an article of its own.So heregoes!

In Praise Of Librivox

If you aren't familiar with the Librivox project, please visit Librivox.org to see the wonderful work that that project is doing. Androidapplication AudioBooks brings the wonders of Librivoxto Android --- now, you can carry all 30,000 audio books andcounting in your pocket and access them anywhere .Here are some highlights:

  • Browse, and quickly play available audio books. You canbrowse by several criteria.
  • Books you listen to get downloaded to your device and areavailable for offline listening.
  • All books provide a table of contents, allowing you to jumpto a specific portion of a book.
  • 90% of the application user interface is completelyaccessible with TalkBack --- see below for missing accessfeatures.

The only glitche with using application AudioBooks with the Android Access API is that the player controls withinthe audio-book player are presently missing contentdescriptions --- this is Android-API speak to say that thecontrols are images with missing labels. So the first time youuse this app, you'll need someone to tell you the buttons ---alternatively just experiment to discover theirfunctions. There are pause, play, rewind and forward buttons ---if the friendly folk who developed this application stumble uponthis post, please get in touch, and I can show you what you needto add to your code to make the eyes-free experience evensmoother.

Happy Listening --- And Share And Enjoy!


  1. LibriVox is great, but, I think there might be an extra 0 in that 30k number. We've currently released 3,429 projects, 508 of which are in languages other than English.

    I wonder if it's counting chapters, rather than completed books? There's 71,584 in total so far, but perhaps this 30,000+ is a subset of the whole catalogue..?

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