Friday, January 22, 2010

1Vox --- Your Query Is Our Command

Video: 1Vox --- Your Query Is Our Command

1 Video: 1Vox --- Your Query Is Our Command!

Device Used: Motorola Droid on Verizon

Speech interface designers often express surprize at the the fact that the average blind user rarely if ever uses spoken input. But when you come down to it, this is not too surprizing --- given that the eyes-free user has speech output active, the overall system ends up talking to itself!

To show that these conflicts can be avoided by careful user-interface design, we demonstrate 1Vox --- our voice-search wizard for the Marvin Shell.

  1. You activate 1Vox by stroke 9 on the Marvin screen.
  2. You hear a spoekn prompt Search
  3. You hear a little auditory icon when the system is ready for you.
  4. You speak oft-used queries e.g., Weather Mountain View.
  5. You hear a short spoken snippet in response.

We called this widget 1Vox --- in honor of the Google onebox found on the Google Results page.

Author: T.V Raman <>