Thursday, January 21, 2010

Introducing Marvin --- Eyes-Free Interaction On Android

Android Eyes-Free Introduction

1 Video: Introducing Project Eyes-Free For Android

Device Used: T-Mobile G1 from HTC

Project Eyes-Free turns your Android into an eyes-free communication device with one-handed, single-touch access to common tasks. Applications from this project can be used stand-alone; they can also be used together through the Eyes-Free shell. This collection of videos will cover the latter scenario.

We will refer to the eyes-free shell as Marvin in honor of Douglas Adams' famous paranoid android --- our Marvin says

Brain the size of a planet and they expect me to make phone calls?
The Marvin home screen provides single-touch access to useful information via a collection of talking mini-applications. In addition, commonly used applications can be placed under shortcuts for quick access. Finally, the call button automatically launches the eyes-free Talking Dialer --- all of these applications are covered in detail in subsequent videos.

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