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Talking Dialer: Eyes-Free Communication Device

Video: Talking Dialer: Eyes-Free Communication Device

1 Video: Talking Dialer: Eyes-Free Communication Device

Device Used: T-Mobile G1 from HTC

The MotoRola Droid does not have a call button. Instead, Use the search capacitive button, i.e. the button on the extreme right, in place of the call button.

So now, let's use the stroke dialer for something practical --- let's make phone calls with our smart phone! Well, we know Marvin would disapprove if we just made phone calls, so rest assured, we'll do a lot more later!

Pressing the call button on Android phones launches the built-in dialing application. When using the Marvin shell, pressing this button launches the Talking Dialer application --- if you are not using Marvin as your home screen, you can launch this dialer as you would launch any Android application.

The Talking Dialer announces dialing mode upon start up. You can start dialing using the technique described in the previous video on stroke dialer --- if you make a mistake, simply shake the phone to erase. Once you have finished dialing, press the call button to initiate the call. The application speaks the number you're about to dial, and makes the call once you press the call button to confirm. But you say

Dialing phone numbers is so passe'!

--- well, there is still hope for the Talking Dialer. In addition to dialing mode, the Talking Dialer provides an easy to use Talking Phonebook that provides eyes-free access to your contact list --- we will cover this in our video on the talking phonebook.

Author: T.V Raman <>

Date: 2009-03-30 Mon

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